Portland Girl Love

Girl-oriented pedophilia in PDX.

The primary purpose of Portland Girl Love is to promote association, friendship; and legal, nonsexual, consensual touch (hugging, cuddling, etc) between men and prepubescent girls. I don't practice sexual touching of such girls, am not a sex offender, and am not prohibited from being around children in Oregon.

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e-mail: jmcclellan@fastmail.fm
Phone: 310-266-1452
Postal address: Jack McClellan, 475 NW Glisan St, Portland, OR 97209-3713, USA

News & Analysis

Video: Local pedophile defends his Portland web site

Pedophile Supporters Target Jack McClellan Detractors

The Curious Case of Jack McClellan

Crusader Anthony Zinnanti Quits Efforts against Pedophile Jack McClellan Due to Threats

Video: Attorney targets Portland pedophile
"Zinnanti said McClellan was going to 'go down hard'."
Uh-huh -- just like I "went down hard" the last time he targeted me. Yeah -- I had to leave California because of a questionable judge who apparently cares more about public opinion than the constitution (see Los Angeles Times editorial below), but I'm still a free man, still legally attending children's events, and now even have my GL Web site back up. I have nothing to do with the content of the site oinkie.com, have never contributed to it, and was only expressing my view on the validity of it below -- as is protected by the First Amendment (Zinnanti doesn't seem to be familiar with that one, but surely someone at KATU has heard of it).

Anthony D. Zinnanti, a fraud and closet pedophile?
I didn't really believe this until I saw it myself: the self-aggrandizing lawyer responsible for civilly restraining me from his pubescent daughter (whom I've never met or had any other contact with, and at 13-years-old is a bit beyond my long-stated age-of-attraction of 3 to 11) reportedly was cool with her doing sexy modeling! This guy actually makes Ron Tebo look credible by comparison.

Video: Portland's weirdness a plus for some, repels others
Having previously lived in the Seattle area most of my adult life, I definitely think Portland has more of an edge to it -- all you have to do is drive around and notice the ubiquitous strip clubs to see that (Seattle has a measly 3 or 4 within its city limits, if I recall -- and even their existence is the subject of regular controversy). It's going to be interesting to see whether I can remain here over the long term and be assmilated as just another Portland eccentric, or whether the reactionary and less tolerant elements will be successful in pressuring me out.

Video: Self-Proclaimed Pedophile Launches Controversial Web Site

Political Restrainee?: Jack McClellan
There are a few minor factual errors that I haven't had the time to point out to Howard Kline yet, but he did an admirable job of summing up my history and predicament.

Video: Admitted pedophile creates Portland Web site

Self-proclaimed pedophile on Web

Anti-pedophile lawyers do us proud
This is probably the most sophomoric editorial I've ever seen in a print newspaper -- it reminded me more of a flame on an Internet bulletin board (note they even suggest one remedy for me is beheading).

Exposes the questionable tactics of the Portland-based anti-pedo site Perverted-Justice.com. It's stunningly hypocritical for Xavier Von Erck to keep telling the media that I'm out of control, given the ethical lines his vigilante cult has crossed over the years.

Expose Ron Tebo
Tebo is now widely viewed as a self-serving charlatan who capitalized on my fame in 2007 by creating a money-making Web site with the alleged mission of saving the LGs of America from a person who has no record of sexually touching girls.

UCLA law professor comments on my case

Experts see legal dilemma in pedophile case

Los Angeles Times editorial: What to do with the innocent pedophile?

Self-proclaimed pedophile has parents on edge

Leonard Pitts, Jr. column on me: Laws apply even to those we don't like

Video: My nervewracking release from Los Angeles County Jail

Video: My arrest at a UCLA-owned off-campus parking lot following KTLA-TV interview

Video: My exclusive interview with Jessica Morkert of KOIN-TV (Portland)

Audio: Exclusive! Pedophile Jack McClellan answers murder allegations on the Rick Roberts radio show

Jack McClellan, media-star 'pedophile'

TV.com readers give my appearance on The Steve Wilkos Show a 9.8 "superb" rating
It was worth letting Wilkos yell at me for an hour to experience Chicago's trippy Sears Tower Skydeck (the highest public observation deck from a man-made structure in the Americas) -- it dwarfs Seattle's Space Needle (at less than half the height). I also got to mingle with a few LGs up there!

GL event/venue ratings guide

Ratings are based on total number of LGs, number of cute LGs, how conspicuous unaccompanied men would appear, and the quality of other amusements at the event. Unless otherwise noted, admission was free.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
GL heaven! Top-notch.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

♥ ♥ ♥

♥ ♥
Below average.


No LGs.

GL event and hangout reviews

Polish Festival (Portland)
September 30, 3900 Interstate Ave. Highlight was several children (including some cute LGs) doing a traditional dance competition in front of the stage.
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Oktoberfest (Portland)
September 23, Oaks Pioneer Park. Not as big of a crowd as I hoped, so I left within two hours because I felt too conspicuous as an unaccompanied man.
♥ ♥ ♥ ½

Hempstalk (Portland)
September 8, Sellwood Riverfront Park. Based on my experience at Seattle's Hempfest last year, I figured this wasn't going to be a big kiddie event -- but it was all for the noble cause of ending the war on marijuana users.
♥ ♥

Oregon State Fair (Salem)
September 2, Oregon State Fairgrounds. Coming a little over a month after my 4 visits to the over-the-top Orange County Fair in Costa Mesa, CA, this seemed a significantly smaller event by comparison -- but it still provided many hours of GL fun and merits my highest rating. $9 admission.
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Portland girl-love tips and links

Links in yellow have apparently banned visitors to their site from Portland Girl Love, so unless you can turn off referrer logging in your browser (I can only find such a switch in Opera), you'll have to paste their URL into your address bar.

Metro Parent calendar http://www.metro-parent.com/calendar.html

Portland Family

Radio Disney, AM 1640
Occasionally sends their crew to local kiddie events. LGs from around the country call in and talk on the air. The best program from my perspective is Playhouse Disney (9 AM - 11 AM weekdays) -- hosted by B.B. Good.

One of the best resources for upcoming GL events are local newspapers
Including the smaller community and town papers. The print copies are superior because they often have event ads and blurbs that do not appear in online versions of the papers. I've noticed that general daily and weekly papers are better sources for children's events than entertainment/alternative papers -- which are more focused on adult entertainment.

Roller rink locator http://www.rollerskating.com/home.php
Type a zip code into box after page fully loads, and a pop-up will appear with a list of rinks within 50 miles.

Swimming pools
These have various types of sessions geared to different ages and groups, but the best ones for GLers are probably the "open swims" where everyone is welcome (I've never tried to attend a "family swim" as an unaccompanied man).

Elementary schools
Elementary schools have special events during the school year where the general public is reportedly welcome, but some of them may not be welcoming to unaccompanied men with no students at the school. The best events for solo men to blend in are concerts and plays, rather than carnival-type parties. Frolicking LGs can also be discreetly viewed at recesses on the playgrounds from off-campus locations at some schools.

McDonald's, Burger King
These fast-food restaurants have the best kiddie areas and seem to attract the most children.

Weather forecast

Air quality forecast    Current air quality

AM radio stations    FM radio stations

Portland street atlas

TriMet public transportation

Cheap motels

Other girl-love / pedophile links

Girl Chat

Visions of Alice

NewsHound's NewsStand

Cerius Love

Boy Chat



The Pedophilia/Pedophile Education Web Site


Pro-pedophilia printable pamphlet

Harmful to Minors: The Perils of Protecting Children from Sex
This book is well-researched and written, and has gained respect in the pedophile community.

Sexual Fascism in Progressive America (Scapegoats and Shunning)
Lengthy analysis of the hysteria surrounding sex offenders and pedophiles in the US.

Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?
This Thursday evening game show on Fox has had a couple cute girls of approximately age 10, but it also demonstrates how intelligent kids that age are (on many questions, smarter than adults) -- yet we're supposed to believe the anti-pedo line that they're not smart enough to understand sex?

Nudist video and DVD site that includes pics of LGs (some of them increase in size when clicked on) in legal poses (from a US perspective, that means not lasciviously exhibiting their genitals or pubic area).

Nude 2000
Sells some of the same material as Enature (see the drop-down links under "Choose a Category").

Legal Tips

Busted: The Citizen's Guide to Surviving Police Encounters

Beat The Heat: How To Handle Encounters With Law Enforcement

ACLU printable card on how to handle police encounters

ACLU of Oregon

Techniques to enhance the sense of touch and intensify feelings of love

Psilocybin mushrooms, Mescaline cacti, LSD

Enhances enjoyment of touch, food, music, scenery, colors, and more. Intensifies feelings of love. No booze-like hangover. Nonaddictive. Synergistic with marijuana.

Sporeworks psilocybin mushroom spores
Psilocybe mexicana, Psilocybe tampanensis, and Psilocybe atlantis produce a subterranean growth called sclerotia that contains psilocybin and is easier to cultivate than mushrooms.

Mushroom cultivation books    Sacred Mushrooms and the Law    Shroomery

Netherlands imposes total ban on 'magic' mushrooms
If the criteria for banning a drug is that a 17-year-old girl jumped to her death, someone broke their legs, and another went on a reckless joyride -- then alcohol would have been banned centuries ago. The criminalization of psilocybin mushrooms isn't about public safety -- it's about legislating taste in recreational intoxicants.

River Source Botanicals mescaline cacti seeds and cuttings
Scroll down to Trichocereus pachanoi, Trichocereus peruvianus, and Trichocereus bridgesii.

Peyote And Other Psychoactive Cacti

Discussion of the murky legal status of non-peyote mescaline-containing cacti in the US

Confessions of an Amerikan LSD eater
"The alterations of perception caused by psychedelics are not hallucinations in the strict sense of the term. Rather, they are amplifications and magnifications of perceptions and mental functions, analogous to the altered perceptions caused by looking through the lenses of a telescope or a microscope... The effect is like switching on a bright light in a dimly lit room, or like waking up from a lifelong semi-sleep, to a higher degree of wakefulness than you’ve ever known."

LSD: The Exploding Threat of the Mind Drug that Got Out Of Control (Life magazine cover story for March 25, 1966
The effects of LSD, psilocybin, and mescaline are quite similar. Black-market LSD was the first of the three I tried, and it was astonishingly overwhelming (the sight of morning sunlight hitting the trees was so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes). As with my experimentation with marijuana many years earlier, I quickly became a convert to psychedelics and thought they should be legalized for adult recreational use.

Busted! Drug War Survival Skills

Law Enforcement Against (drug) Prohibition


Enhances enjoyment of touch, food, music, and more. No booze-like hangover. Nonaddictive. Synergistic with psilocybin mushrooms, mescaline cacti, and LSD.

Steve Kubby for president

Never Get Busted Again
Yet another drug cop against the drug war!

Marijuana grow books    Pot-TV    Marijuana Law

Ask Ed: Marijuana Law (Don't Get Busted)    Oregon NORML

The Evil War on Drugs
"The drug war is grounded in an evil premise: that people do not own their bodies, that they have no right to control what they do with their own lives and their own property, that it is appropriate to lock them in cages if they produce, distribute or consume chemicals in defiance of the state... The ideology of the war on drugs is the ideology of totalitarianism, of communism, of fascism and of slavery. In practice, it has made an utter mockery of the rule of law and the often-spouted idea that America is the freest country on earth."

Floatation tanks

Not as powerful as the above plants and fungi, but enhances the sense of touch to some extent. Potentiates the effect of the above plants and fungi for a week or two after a session (floating high distracts from the desired sensory deprivation effect). I find that these tanks produce a level of relaxation, serenity, and stress reduction that is not achievable by other means, and improve my sleep for at least a few weeks. Most tank locations have a standard session time of one hour, but I don't consider that long enough to reach the deepest level of relaxation and get the full effects, and I recommend 1˝ to 3 hours.

Where to float worldwide    Another list    Another

The Book of Floating
The definitive book on floatation tanks.


Howard Stern's anti-circumcision rants
"I am circumcised, and I tell you something: I despise it. I despise it. I despise it."

Review of 2006 international anti-circumcision symposium in Seattle

Jew would rather have been branded with Star of David than circumcised
Dr. Ronald Goldman is another man of Jewish heritage who doesn't like being circumcised, and he has written books on the subject, made TV appearances, and of course has a site. Other prominent Jews against circumcision include Dr. Dean Edell and Howard Stern (see above). Paul Krassner and Jon Stewart have also criticized it (Krassner in High Times magazine, Stewart on TV).

This is one of the best anti-circumcision sites I've seen. It's done by a guy in New Zealand -- where the circumcision rate has fallen to 5%.

Circumcision reduces penis size and sexual pleasure

Foreskin restoration increases penis *size and sexual pleasure
*Mostly width, but also some length in tightly-circumcised men.

Uncircumcised celebrities

The circumcision globes (male and female)
The US appears to be the most hypocritical country in the world on this issue: it's illegal for parents to order the unnecessary surgical alteration of girls' genitals, but OK for the majority of parents to order the unnecessary surgical alteration of boys' genitals. More on "freedom-loving" Americans' incongruous acceptance of involuntary male circumcision.

US male after his involuntary, unanesthetized penile reduction surgery
And I'm proud to be an American--where at least I know I'm free.

Circumcision images and video
Where are the politicians, prosecutors, cops, and "child safety" zealots when this sex crime is occurring? This unnecessary sexual torture-mutilation is legal in every US state, and performed thousands of times daily. Like Howard Stern said: "What kind of country is this?"

They Cut Babies, Don't They?

Whose Body, Whose Rights?

National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers

Other links

Casey Kasem's American Top 40 - The '70s http://www.premiereradio.com/shows/view/at40_70s.html
Keep your feet in the ground and keep reaching for the stars! These weekly countdowns hosted by the inimitable Kasem were originally broadcast in the 1970s, and are a testament of '70s AM Top-40 radio the way it really was in all its frivolous, sugar-coated, platform-shoed, disco-ball glory! Airs Sundays from 7 AM to 10 AM on K-HiTS 106.7. For maximum nostalgic effect, listen to on marijuana.

Healthy Kids Oregon: Yes on 50! http://www.healthykids-oregon.org/

USA Sex Guide
Tips on finding and using the services of American prostitutes.

American Atheists

I like the concept of offering people free hugs, and think it could be legally used by GLers to consensually hug LGs in most jurisdictions of the world. Exercise your right to hug before the humorless party poopers take that away as well!

The various ways unmarried (a more accurate term than single) people are screwed in the USA should be a bigger issue than whether gays can legally marry. Like the site says: we unmarrieds are now the majority!

More lighthearted than its predecessor OGRISH.com, but contains some stuff that the major media tells us about but won't show us because it thinks we can't handle it.

Electronic Frontier Foundation    Chilling Effects    Tor
Internet free-speech defenders.

Amnesty International

Ain't Nobody's Business If You Do (The Absurdity of Consensual Crimes in Our Free Country)

Excerpt from Dan Savage's book, Skipping Towards Gomorrah

Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

International Dark-Sky Association http://www.darksky.org/index.php
Help bring back the Milky Way and more stars, meteors, comets, and auroras to the light-polluted night sky: use shielded, full-cutoff fixtures for outdoor lighting.

My psychedelic trip to the southern stars