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Richard Stallman is the Jesus Christ of our day.


Richard Stallman is the Jesus Christ of our day.

Jesus also got canceled.


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Did Jesus also eat his own toenail on camera in front of a university audience though

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The video is:

Fuck why can't you guys link to the privacy friendly link, do you realize that people who use VPN's can't watch youtube anymore, it requires a Captcha. They introduced this crap about 1 month ago, since then anyone trying to watch a YT video would have to fill out 2-3 Captchas.

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As for your comment.

You are a complete asshole. First of all being humiliated and embarassed before an audience, what would your reaction be? One commenter there pointed out that he was robbed just before the talk. So he was in a bad mood, a lot of negative things happened to him before that, and then this. This was just a trigger point for him and he lashed out his anger here. I think this is completely normal. If he would have been a female she would have been weeping and running out from the stage.

What people can't be emotional now?

And even if he has mental issues, which I don't think he has, because a lot of programmers are introverted people with similar personalities, it's just how some people are, but even if he were to have some kind of mental issues, you are a complete asshole for making fun of that. Are we just supposed to make fun of disabled people now?

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I thought he just got a bit cross.

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Nobody listens to him. But he was right all along.