The kanji keymap includes 14892 kanji words, and was generated from a selection of words from edict, (c) EDRG. Go to http://www.csse.monash.edu.au/groups/edrdg/ for more information on edict. It also includes the Kana keymap from Yudit. All the kanji words included are said to be among the 20,000 more common words in Japanese. The others were left out because of the size limitation on keymaps, and the number of homonyms. Here's how it works:


Hiragana can be input simply by typing their romaji equivalent. However, sometimes an unwanted kanji may pop up. Remove it, and press the right-arrow key after a syllable to indicate that it's not part of a kanji word. If possible, try to switch to Kana.kmap whenever you enter a Hiragana-only word. In Yudit, you can assign keymaps to one of the F-keys.


Katakana can be input by typing in CAPITAL LETTERS. To get special combinations such as ヴィ, use XI for the small ィ.


This keymap includes almost 15,000 kanji words. They must be input using Hepburn romaji (sho instead of syo, chi instead of ti etc.) Long vowels are input as they are written, for instance kouen, oose, or akademi-shou. The differences here are important: watasi will yield 綿し, while watashi will yield 私 .

Nouns and い-adjectives

The keymap only includes dictionary forms, so to write 楽しかった you'll have to write tanoshii, backspace, and katta. 御免ね!


Many kanji words have the same spelling in romaji. To get a particular variant of a word, append a number at the end. You can for instance type "kouen1", "kouen2", "kouen3" or "kouen4" for the different variants of "kouen". You'll have to try every variant until you get the one you want. Writing only "kouen" will give you nonsense.

That's it for now. Send all your compla, er, praise to <david@start.no>.

Last but not least, special thanks go out to Jim Breen for making edict, and to lejordet, Miikka-Markus Alhonen, Gaspar Sinai, odin of Real Fansubbers, Alex Bochannek and the Unicode mailing list, without whose invaluable support this project would probably never have been done.