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"Hey, I'm not bisexual, I'm trisexual, I will at least try anything" - Usenet poster

Mommy: "So what's been happening in your life?"
Romy: "Oh, I've had my first man."
Mommy (after 3.14 seconds of rotating brain cogwheels): "And? Was it nice?"
Romy: "Yep."
Mommy: "Better than with women?"
Romy: "No, but not worse, either."

Konrad (schwul): ,,Was haben die Bisexuellen überhaupt für Probleme?``
Roman (stockbi): ,,Ihre Frisuren.``
Konrad (lacht): ,,Ja, ihr schafft es irgendwie, das Ausgestoßensein der Schwulen mit der Geschmacklosigkeit der Heteros zu verbinden.``

[Konrad (mono): "So, what's their problem anyway?"
Roman (bi): "Their haircuts."
Konrad (laughs): "Yes indeed, you bisexuals somehow manage to combine gay stigma with straight tastelessness."]

"When I was young, you had to be either lesbian or you slept with men only." - the mother in Amic/Amat, a beautiful film about progress and heritage

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